How Much A Digital Marketer Can Earn in Malaysia?

When it comes to discussion about career or job, one can’t avoid talking about how much does particular role a person can earn.

And now, as the person with certain skills in digital marketing is a highly sought after in the region, one can definitely expect the pay to be at least in the middle to high range than the average earnings of their peers.

So the question now is, how much?

I had a chance to see this data from Salary Survey 2019 by Robert Walters (via, the average salary for certain digital marketing related role can range between MYR96k to MYR140k per annum, which is around USD24k to USD34k per annum:

Look at the Digital Marketing Manager row, where the salary range in 2019 is between MYR96k to MYR140k per year.

And that’s the salary range for the Klang Valley area, where the cost of living is the highest among the other cities in Malaysia.

Generally from the research, professionals in Malaysia place remuneration as their main factor that determines how satisfied they are with their current job, besides the work-life balance, feedback & encouragement from the management, as well as training & opportunities.

Factors that determine job satisfaction among professionals in Malaysia

To our friends in Malaysia, does your salary within this range already?

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